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ART Basketball Program

Hardknocks ART Basketball Program is a unique skills and drills/competitive league holistic training program. The program is an integration of sports, life skills and education, offered to local youth, many of whom are from low income households and may lack these opportunities.

Community Service

Members of the program are taught about the value of participating in community services activities and are required to be active in their community and to participate in local community events. This year, many of the members participated with the "Get Out and Vote" campaign.



Weekly CHARACTER development workshops are provided by Team HERO/The Block Center. This program teaches members how to be committed, honorable, accountable, respectable, credible, trustworthy, empowering, and resilient.


ART (Aggression Replacement Training):

A program that helps youth to recognize anger and aggressions and learn make a more rational decision after understanding their selves, their triggers are and how effective communication works. 

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